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Concept game “Parallel Slide”.

Attention !!! This game is very DANGEROUS for your brain!

Move the white sphere. The black sphere slides parallel. Even if the black sphere can’t move, the white one can move.

control: W,S,A,D or arrow keys.

Unique physic game “GraviTOONS”.

One of the best at all our games!

Rotate the place to change the direction of gravitation. Help to gravitoons pick up the word “EXIT“.

To rotate  the place and change the direction of gravitation click mouse or push A,W,D or arrow keys. Press space to stop the time.

New flash game “A.Y.A.”.

This game is very simple (like Bejeweled but I think more addictive). ”Real” physic, best music and perfect graph !

Try to win :0 !