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Santa Can Fly

New toss game.

Use cannons, bombs, and grenades to shoot Santa as far as possible! Collect cash to upgrade your cannon and improve your skills.

Mouse & Arrow keys


Physic based game.
Throw the bunch of flowers to blue dressed mouse. (+ 5 minigames).

Press and hold the mouse button. When you will be ready, release the mouse button to throw the bunch of flowers.

The real physic simple puzzle game “Flowers rain”.

Catch flowers.

Move the cursor to drive the basket. The same flowers, that knee to knee, will be removed.

Unique physic game “GraviTOONS”.

One of the best at all our games!

Rotate the place to change the direction of gravitation. Help to gravitoons pick up the word “EXIT“.

To rotate  the place and change the direction of gravitation click mouse or push A,W,D or arrow keys. Press space to stop the time.