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Santa Can Dive

Santa Can Dive.

Santa lost all his money in financial crisis.
Where will he take gifts now? Can he earn some money for his elfs?
Yes, he CAN !!!

Upgrade Santa’s bathyscaphe and dive to salvage the treasures.

Help Santa to make the magic Christmas!

Left and right or A and D to steer the bathyscaphe.
Click to launch the mechanichal arm.



It’s new vision on “tower defence” games. Now you can try to play for monsters (dark side of the power :) ) – THESIS. Or you can play for towers – ANTITHESIS… What side do you prefer?


Select your side and play.

For towers you can build towers to defence your base and destroy the monster’s base.

For monsters you may only upgrade skills of yor base and monsters.

Santa Can Fly

New toss game.

Use cannons, bombs, and grenades to shoot Santa as far as possible! Collect cash to upgrade your cannon and improve your skills.

Mouse & Arrow keys

The real physic simple puzzle game “Flowers rain”.

Catch flowers.

Move the cursor to drive the basket. The same flowers, that knee to knee, will be removed.

Concept game “Parallel Slide”.

Attention !!! This game is very DANGEROUS for your brain!

Move the white sphere. The black sphere slides parallel. Even if the black sphere can’t move, the white one can move.

control: W,S,A,D or arrow keys.

Unique physic game “GraviTOONS”.

One of the best at all our games!

Rotate the place to change the direction of gravitation. Help to gravitoons pick up the word “EXIT“.

To rotate  the place and change the direction of gravitation click mouse or push A,W,D or arrow keys. Press space to stop the time.


Just rotate the planet and launch the rocket.

“WarChar2 – DRAG and DROP edition”.

Shoot at groups of same characters and destroy it. Use the mouse to drag worms, aim, fire and catch theirs heads. With each new stage you’l get a new BONUSE and new PROBLEM. You can use 2 bonuses on your choice.

5 stages. 10 levels in either. 5-th stage – unlimited levels.

Simple and meditative flash game “WarChar”.

What is “WarChar” ?

Relax. Aim. Catch heads. Meditation and adrenaline in the same game! Not any clicking- just move the mouse cursor.

New flash game “A.Y.A.”.

This game is very simple (like Bejeweled but I think more addictive). ”Real” physic, best music and perfect graph !

Try to win :0 !

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