Just rotate the planet and launch the rocket.

“WarChar2 – DRAG and DROP edition”.

Shoot at groups of same characters and destroy it. Use the mouse to drag worms, aim, fire and catch theirs heads. With each new stage you’l get a new BONUSE and new PROBLEM. You can use 2 bonuses on your choice.

5 stages. 10 levels in either. 5-th stage – unlimited levels.

Simple and meditative flash game “WarChar”.

What is “WarChar” ?

Relax. Aim. Catch heads. Meditation and adrenaline in the same game! Not any clicking- just move the mouse cursor.

New flash game “A.Y.A.”.

This game is very simple (like Bejeweled but I think more addictive). ”Real” physic, best music and perfect graph !

Try to win :0 !

Just join.

Our new game JustJoin go release. Just join all white dots … and HAVE FAN :) !!!


Our first game CONTRACEPTiVE is ready. You can play it and get a fun.

Hello world!

Welcome to GamesLocation.com ! We are working very hard to make perfect games. We are getting fun and making fun.

Play games, be happy !

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